Body Worlds Rx
Body Worlds Rx
Sherry Martinez
Monday, February 13, 2017

Fifty-two students that are currently enrolled in Mrs. Nancy Brooker's Anatomy & Physiology class; Mrs. Sherry Martinez's Pathophysiology class; and members of POWER SET visited the The Health Museum on February 8th. 

While there students were able to obtain valuable hands-on experience with the dissection of a sheep's heart to further their understanding of the function and anatomy of the heart. Students also explored the Body Worlds Rx exhibit of over 75 real human specimens that had been preserved through the process of plastination.  Plastination is a complicated process that involves removing all of the bodily fluids and replacing them with plastics that will harden. The exhibit highlighted the comparison of  healthy bodies and organs with those that have been negatively impacted by various diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, dementia, and many more.

Students also enjoyed exploring the Amazing Body exhibit that had many fun and engaging interactive components. Some of the favorites were the scream room, the 12 foot beating heart, the skeleton riding a bicycle, plus interacting with a multitude of brain teasers.