ACT/SAT/TSI Information -

Juniors, I know this year has been CRAZY, but I want to make sure we stay on top of what we can for your upcoming senior year. I am not sure when colleges will want their applications in by, but in the past it has been December 1st for some (A&M and UT). If you wait to take your tests until the fall, you will be pushing it on the deadlines, if they remain the same.

You would have been given the opportunity to take the ACT at school in March, but COVID... so here we are. I do not know yet how this will affect us for college apps, etc., but I want you to create accounts on ACT.org and SAT.org in order to stay on top of available test dates/sites. As of now, ACT still hasn't canceled their June test administrations. This may happen next week, but it would be a good idea to log in and try to get a test date sometime this summer, or early fall. We do offer ACT at school, and I am HOPEFUL we will have it in the fall, but I want you to be proactive to sign up also if you know you need that test. SAT is important too. I always suggest taking both, as different test styles like both for different reasons.

Finally, you are required to be "TSI Ready" before entering into any college or university courses. If you score high enough on ACT or SAT, you can be exempt (See TSIA link below). If not, you must take the TSI test. My plans were to have all juniors tested this spring, but that did not work out. WCJC is testing by appointment now and through the summer. You must apply to WCJC (free), be accepted, and then call to set up your test appointment. I HIGHLY suggest you do that. I am attaching some websites that will help you with this process to make your appointment. I also keep a lot of information on the school website. YOU NEED TO GET FAMILIAR WITH THAT SITE. (Although one of my goals this summer is to update to a better platform.)

We will be offering College Prep Math and College Prep English to our seniors this year. Both courses are designed to help you be more successful with your TSI Tests. If you complete the courses, and pass the test from WCJC at the end, you are considered TSI Ready by WCJC. If you opt to go somewhere other than WCJC, the courses can help you to pass the TSI tests. Please email Mrs. Button if you are interested in taking the college prep courses. 

As many of you know, the demolition of VVHS has begun, so I am displaced.... BUT I always have my phone and a computer nearby. Send me an email (kbutton@vvisd.org) or Remind, and I will get back with you ASAP. I hope you all have a wonderful summer, I miss you all greatly, and I cannot wait to work with you on your SENIOR YEAR activities!


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