Bee In A Box

The Bee in a Box is a classroom competition, supported by Region 3 ESC and developed by Texas Law-Related Education (, that 8th grade teachers can use as another way to access their students’ knowledge and understanding of key concepts in American history.  Students use an online guide to prepare for a two-part classroom competition.  Every effort has been made to use content for the online guide from the 8th grade TEKS as well as enrichment in the U.S. Constitution.

First, students take a timed multiple-choice exam.  The questions for this exam are composed of questions from the following categories:

People, Documents, Constitution, Events, and Civic Values and Skills.

Next, the finalists compete in a verbal competition that is live via Zoom with students from other schools with questions being asked by the judges. This requires each student to answer one question from each of the following categories orally in front of the other students, much like a Spelling Bee, in these categories: People, Documents, Constitution,  and Events.

120 students from 4 high schools in Region 3 participated in this year's contest. Out of the 13 finalists chosen, 4 students were from Van Vleck Junior High School.  Mrs. Ashley Ros'  students placed as high as 5th overall! Caitlin Riley, the Region 3 Social Studies Specialist, said the Van Vleck Junior High students all performed well on the written exam and it was evident that they are learning US History at Van Vleck Junior High School.

Mrs. Ros is so proud of her students. Pictured below are 20 students  that competed  as well as the 4 finalists. Ros stated, "I am so proud of how hard all of our students worked this year learning about our great country."